What I learned at Dell World 2015
Dan Sanderson 10/29/2015
1 Minutes

Dell World 2015 was a success!  Although there is never enough time to see and do everything that Dell has to offer at this event, I did get a chance to see the majority of the event - mixed in with some meetings with Dell executive folks.

  • Michael Dell has big plans for the future - No surprise here, but the big news of the EMC acquisition was much of the talk.  During his keynotes at both the partner conference and the user conference, it was very clear that Michael Dell is going to do what is best for both organizations.  If you are an EMC customer, we are told things will not change much.  You will simply capitalize on additional emerging technology that both Dell and EMC can build on together.  One thing that was very apparent is that EMC's cloud strategy will more than likely be a large part of Dell's growth going forward.  This is great news...Dell's cloud strategy will now start coming together better.  A hybrid cloud strategy is what Dell believes in.
  • Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the new building blocks of your data center.  If you haven't started at least taking a look at the converged model of growing your servers, storage, networking, and DC software, you should.  Simplification, modular growth, and endless scalability are the name of the game here.  Some of the solutions that we sell today (FX2, XC (Nutanix), VRTX, M1000 etc...) are all getting some awesome features that will completely disrupt the traditional model of data center growth. 
  • C-Series Dell Servers for Nutanix - Dell's relationship with Nutanix allows customers a one stop solution for Nutanix hyperconverged growth on best of breed Dell servers.  In the past, Nutanix was installed onto a single 2U PowerEdge server.  You needed 3 of these servers to meet the minimum "cluster" for a starter Dell XC Nutanix system.  This has now changed.  Dell has introduced the XC6300 Series Nutanix system. The system is based in the Dell C-Series converged HPC chassis server which allows for up to (4) blades in a single 2U high server chassis.  This allows for immense density of Nutanix in one rack.  This BLOG POST explains the XC6320 in more detail.
  • The below videos were really cool :-).  This is a Dell "Rugged" notebook being doused in a fish tank the entire show.  It ran for 4 days straight while I was there.  Also check out the video of the Dell engineer dropping one from 8 feet up onto the floor.  


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