Dell Wyse vWorkspace - An alternative for VDI
Dan Sanderson 10/12/2015
1 Minutes


Cyber Advisors has recently become certified in an emerging VDI solution called Dell Wyse vWorkspace. After pushing it through our labs, getting certified, and piloting some real life scenarios, we are impressed with the solution.  

What is vWorkspace?  It's your all-in-one VDI solution with a ton of flexible deployment options and features. One of the best features is an all-encompassing software package.  It can be deployed via Hyper-V or VMware.  The management software is easy to use/learn.  Virtual Desktops and applications can be deployed via OS streaming or via your traditional VDI/RDSH mode.  

After speaking with one of our certified engineers, we have found that the policy based security features of vWorkspace are very easy to use and also very granular.  In most cases, you will not need to purchase any 3rd party policy and profile management tools that are needed with the competing products.

Lastly, our customers tell us tell us that VDI solutions need to show a return on investment to make sense. (This ROI typically will show as potential less hardware costs or streamlined management.)  vWorkspace is priced much lower than most competing products, which lowers upfront costs.  

If you are interested in seeing a demo of Dell Wyse vWorkspace, please contact us below to setup an appointment to swing by our lab.

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