Dell XC6320 (Nutanix) Platform Released
Dan Sanderson 10/29/2015
1 Minutes

For those of us Dell customers/partners that are evangelizing hyperconverged infrastructure, the wait is over. Announced on the 20th of October, Dell is putting Nutanix software onto their Dell C-Series HPC servers. This will allow for "building block" style expansion of your hyperconverged Nutanix data center by simply adding blocks of compute, storage, and virtualization all at once - rather than the traditional model of adding server, storage, and virtualization in seperate silos.

We see this as a great entry point for our customers that want to grow their data centers without getting stuck with the traditional server, storage, and hypervisor islands of the past.  Each node consists of SSD and capacity based drives to allow for performance, cache, and data tiering in each node.

All that is needed to complete this solution to give you a working hyperconverged infrastructure environment is a switch to bring it all together.  We are typically tying these into a pair of 10/40GbE S4810 Dell F10 switches.  This allows for 10GbE connectivity between chassis and 40GbE connectivity between switch stacks.

If you would like more information or to see a demo of Dell XC Nutanix, please reach out below:

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