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Posted by Dan Sanderson on Aug 18, 2015 1:18:08 PM


Most companies have some type of Wireless LAN footprint now.  Without it, productivity probably isn't what it could be.  Cyber Advisors is always looking to increase IT productivity, thus we have come across a new wireless technology that we believe is a pretty big game changer in the market.  

Introducing Aerohive Networks.  Being only one of a few networking technologies out there to offer this type of technology, Aerohive allows you to install wireless access points without an on-premise controller.  Don't get me wrong, the APs are not "unmanaged".  Please read below.  

Controllers are necessary for larger footprints as well as for seamless "meshing" when strolling around your building going from AP to AP.  Without them, your wireless device would drop when it leaves the range of one AP and joins another.  We call this a fully meshed wireless deployment.

What Aerohive allows you to do, is control your AP environment from a cloud based controller.  The benefits of this are redundancy and less hardware for you to maintain and manage on site.  Setup is simple...program your cloud based controller with your profile, and all APs that you install simply plug into your network, call home, and configure themselves.  You get the same benefit of an on-premise controller, but you don't have to worry about any hardware to manage or break.  

Interested in hearing more about this technology?  Click below to download a brochure.

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