Why Consider Managed Services?
Dan Sanderson 07/16/2015
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Why Consider Managed Services?

Nearly half of Cyber Advisors services revenue is providing a level of managed service to our customers.  If you are asking yourself, "What is a Managed Service?", good question.  This article can help paint a clearer picture.

Simply put, a managed service is the practice of transferring certain business operations to an outsourced provider as a strategic method for improved efficiencies.  Yes, this definition is generic, but we like this. Why?

Too many companies that provide IT managed services will splash that they have a "Silver, Gold, and Platinum" plan.  When you implement managed services in this fashion, you end up trying to mold a specific business into your product offering.  Rarely does a business fit perfectly into the mold.

Our managed services is not sold and implemented in this manner.  We take the opposite approach by molding our managed service into your business.  Our experience of providing service in this style for many years has worked wonders.  Very little turn over or loss of our managed services customer base has resulted.  Every managed service customer is different in their own special way. 

What do we offer in our managed services?  For some customers, it is simply an outsourced help desk.  For others, we provide structured and scheduled engineering labor coupled with a monitoring solution to assure someone is watching over and maintaining their IT systems 24X7.  We even have some customers that want little to no CAPEX, so we fully own, administer, and manage all of their infrastructure.  They simply pay us a monthly fee to assure them that they have the compute resources needed to fulfill business operations.  With our managed services, the world is your oyster.

Lastly, if you are a technical person at your organization, you may sometimes be threatened by outsourcing some of these tasks to a 3rd party.  We do understand this and trust us that we don't want to take over your job.  Think outside of the box.....nobody knows your organization like you do.  Wouldn't you rather be in a strategic roll at your organization?  Allowing your internal IT staff to focus on the strategic parts and pieces of technology rather than the speeds, feeds, maintenance, and upkeep of your systems will allow you to become more valuable to ownership.  Our most progressive managed services customers have grown in this style.

We encourage you to investigate how this may work for your business.

We have a great managed services example on our website


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