Katie McDonald 05/24/2016
1 Minutes

Twin Cities, MN – Cyber Advisors, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent hire of Brandon Spinler, who will join the Cyber Advisors team as an Account Executive. In this role, Mr. Spinler will be responsible for daily account management, working with customers on technology initiatives and the expansion of Cyber Advisors sales.

Brandon Spinler joins Cyber Advisors with a wealth of experience in sales and account management having spent four years at Dell as an Enterprise Sales Specialist. Focusing on Minnesota and the Dakota’s, Mr. Spinler worked with Dell’s channel partners and segment teams to drive collaborative growth in their existing account base and in acquiring new customers. With the help of his Dell team, they were able to introduce the next wave of data center technologies to their customers, moving along the evolution of virtualization with Dell and Dell’s partners.

“The addition of Brandon Spinler to our sales executive staff is a win/win for us and our best partner, Dell” stated Dan Sanderson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Cyber Advisors. “Brandon has the technical, business, and consultative expertise that is very rare in an account executive. Using these skills, we see a huge growth potential now and long into the future with Brandon”.

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