Katie McDonald 05/20/2016
1 Minutes

Twin Cities, MN – Cyber Advisors, Inc. is proud to announce today that Dan Sanderson has been elected to the Dell Partner Technical Advisory Board. 

Mr. Sanderson has been the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cyber Advisors since 2012.  For the last 18 years of his career, he has assisted clients around the nation, mainly on a consultative level, to help them overcome hurdles around enterprise datacenter infrastructure.  

“I am very humbled to be chosen by Dell to represent both my company and our customers on the Dell Partner Technology Advisory Board.  What I am most excited about is being able communicate to Dell exactly what is on our customer’s minds.” stated Dan Sanderson, VP and Sales and Marketing for Cyber Advisors.  “As one of the highest value Dell Premier and GEO partners in the nation, I see this board as an ability to make our relationship even stronger”

“Dan Sanderson is uniquely qualified to be part of this board as he is both technical and customer experience focused.  If there is a better way to take care of a customer’s needs, he will find it, and will have a platform with Dell to implement his views.  This will be a win/win for Dell and Cyber Advisors.” Stated Shane Vinup, CEO of Cyber Advisors.

Cyber Advisors continues to grow its Dell relationship in the Midwest.  By evangelizing end to end Dell solutions, combined with a new solution center powered by Dell Enterprise Solutions, Cyber Advisors forecasts significant growth in 2016 and beyond.

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