Service Desk Spotlight: Sam Doehlert
Kate Drankoff 10/29/2021

There is an incredible crew on the Cyber Advisors Service Desk and we are excited for you to get to know them more. Several times a month there will be individual Service Desk spotlights to highlight the people behind the computer.

This week we're featuring Sam Doehlert! Sam recently joined the team and has taken on a new Service Desk role as a Dispatcher. She quickly earned her A+ Certification and has excelled in training and client facing engagements.

Sam A+ cert

Passion: Sam enjoys working with people and always wanted to be in the tech field because she found an early passion for working with computers and technology. She gains satisfaction from helping clients work through a tech issue that can help turn their whole day around.

Outside Of The Office: In her free time, Sam and her partner enjoy traveling and have a goal of visiting all 50 states.

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