Service Desk Spotlight: Jeff Wiplinger
Kate Drankoff 12/03/2021
1 Minutes

There is an incredible crew on the Cyber Advisors Service Desk and we are excited for you to get to know them more. Several times a month there will be individual Service Desk spotlights to highlight the people behind the computer. This month we're featuring Jeff Wiplinger!

Working with Clients: Jeff joined the Cyber Advisors team in the fall of 2021 and has shined for his hard work and dedication to clients. He enjoys working through challenges and has been recognized for helping clients through difficult situations.

Passion for Learning: With previous experience in Networking, Jeff likes seeing the bigger piece of the puzzle and understanding how everything connects. Jeff is inspired to keep learning and is currently studying for the CCNA and will be taking the exam in the coming weeks - wish him luck!

Outside of the Office: In his free time, Jeff enjoys hiking, cycling and fencing. Jeff fences at the Center Blade Arts (CBA) where they offer different styles of fencing and he specializes in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts).

Jeff W


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