Service Desk Spotlight: Mike Schmidt
Kate Drankoff 09/28/2021
1 Minutes

There is an incredible crew on the Cyber Advisors Service Desk and we are excited for you to get to know them more. Several times a month there will be individual Service Desk spotlights to highlight the people behind the computer.

This week we're featuring Mike Schmidt! Mike joined the Cyber Advisors team in March, 2020 just weeks before the pandemic began. Mike's passion for technology took off when he built his first computer at 12 years old. Known in his family for being the "family tech guy," Mike turned his passion into a career and has stood out for his dedication to clients.

Mike Schmidt

Working With Clients: As a hands-on learner, Mike loves working through challenges and has been recognized for helping clients through difficult situations. One of his favorite parts about working with clients is helping them simplify technology to increase productivity. A lot of people can be overwhelmed by technology, but understanding the ways in can help in both our personal and professional lives really makes a difference.

Outside Of The Office: In his free time, Mike enjoys playing music, biking and spending time outdoors. One of his favorite places to go is Jay Cooke State Park in Duluth, Minnesota.

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