Service Desk Spotlight: Marty LeMay
Kate Drankoff 02/01/2022
1 Minutes

There is an incredible crew on the Cyber Advisors Service Desk and we are excited for you to get to know them more. Once a month there will be an individual Service Desk spotlights to highlight the people behind the computer.


This week we're featuring Marty LeMay! Marty joined the Cyber Advisors team in 2013 and is going on nine years with the company.


marty lemay

Marty started his career in the retail industry and quickly rose to management ranks and was the go-to guy for working with the IT team to resolve issues. Pretty soon Marty didn't need to call IT when issues would arise because he had learned how to fix things himself. This passion for IT lead him to customer service where he completed a certificate course before joining a large golf store chain that was in rapid growth and expansion mode where he would travel to set up new locations. Marty was then hired at Cyber Advisors and over the years, has served a critical role in the growth and development of the Service Desk.


Working With Clients: As a veteran Service Desk member, Marty is extremely valued for his legacy of knowledge, commitment to clients and passion for helping others. Marty has been recognized for helping clients through difficult situations and stands out for his consistency in superior customer service. He has a deep appreciation for his sense of purpose in helping others and takes pride in using tools in his "IT toolbox" to not only help clients, but also make them feel better.


Outside Of The Office: Marty resides in Shoreview, Minnesota and is the proud father of four children in their late teens/twenties. With more children out of the house, he is looking forward to taking time to develop interests and hobbies of his own after being in "sports dad mode" for many years while his kids participated in sports in both high school and college.

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