Service Desk Spotlight: Jeff Virkus
Kate Drankoff 08/10/2021
1 Minutes

There is an incredible crew on the Cyber Advisors Service Desk and we are excited for you to get to know them more. Several times a month there will be individual Service Desk spotlights to highlight the people behind the computer.


This week we're featuring Jeff Virkus! Jeff has been on the Cyber Advisors team for almost 5 years and takes pride in not only helping clients, but also serving as a training veteran on the team.

jeff v cyber advisors

Passion: Jeff has always been tech-savvy and truly enjoys helping others. When interacting with clients, Jeff finds satisfaction in making sure the issue is solved effectively and efficiently. His favorite thing about the job is having the ability to turn around someone's day at work. More often than not, when users call into the Service Desk they are slightly upset or inconvenienced with an issue they are experiencing. Jeff takes pride in not only resolving the issue, but also making it a point to have the client laughing or with a smile on their face by the end of the call.

Jeff is also passionate about helping train new Service Desk team members. He plays a critical role in passing along legacy knowledge and making sure new team members have the tools, resources and knowledge to succeed in the role to best-serve our clients.

IT Tip: As a dad to three young boys, Jeff is an advocate for child online safety and works with his kids to make this topic a priority in their home. Check out the Cyber Advisors Child Online Safety Guide packed with tips and tricks to keep your family safe online. 

Outside of the Office: Jeff is a proud dad and recently got married to his beautiful wife who is a teacher. His family is also in the process of renovating parts of their home in the Twin Cities. Jeff loves to cook and used to work in the culinary industry - summer grilling has been a recent household favorite.

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