NaaS - Want to Increase the ROI in Your Network Upgrades?
Dan Sanderson 02/10/2016
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Finding budget dollars to replace old networking gear can be tricky - especially when your older gear doesn't seem to have any reliability or major performance issues.  It is very typical for us to see network infrastructure (mainly switching) lasting 5 to even 10 years at a business - later model networking gear seems to just never die.  Unfortunately, it can force IT staff to sometimes enter a "regressive" or "complacent" mode of network upkeep.  


Switches of today are even more reliable, as the competition against Cisco has made everyone step up there game even higher.  Many of our customers that we upgraded last year are telling us that their network upgrade made quite a positive impact on their business.  Processes on servers and computers that may have taken minutes to complete can now be reduced to seconds as the throughput between systems has been increased significantly.  This "progressive" look at networking has allowed many of our customers to see a significant ROI in their network upgrades.

To make upgrades more financially feasible, Cyber Advisors has developed a NaaS (Networking as a Service) model.  Rather than having a customer lay out a significant capital expense for a network refresh, we have enabled a model of paying for this as a service with no upfront cost.  An ROI can be easier achieved as some quick calculations can be done.  Example: "If it costs me $1,100/month to upgrade my data center and servers to 10Gb, will I be able to increase productivity to save me $1,100/month?  The performance increase along with a more efficient support/maintenance model will give you an ROI nearly every time.

The details of our NaaS service are fairly simple to understand:

  • No upfront costs.
  • All assessment and Implementation work is included in monthly fee.
  • Firewalls, wireless, and WAN equipment refreshes can also be included.
  • Cyber Advisors will provide monitoring, help desk, engineering, and full support for your network included in your monthly fee.  We will even support existing equipment not included in refresh.

If you would like more information about Cyber's NaaS offering, or would like to schedule a time for us to run a quick ROI for you, please contact us below:

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