Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 12
Joe Moline 04/21/2017
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  • Happy Earth Day weekend everyone.  That’s right, tomorrow marks the 47th Earth Day and fortunately for people who live in Minnesota it appears the weather is planning on cooperating and providing a beautiful weekend of weather, which makes enjoying this Earth all that much easier.  Here is an article on the history of how Earth Day came to be. iStock-515161050.jpg

  • It may be too late this year, but one great way to spend this weekend is the EarthDay RUN organized by CentraCare Health in St. Cloud.  There are fun races tonight and half marathon and half marathon relay on Saturday.  Mark your calendars for next year.  Here is a link to the event.

  • I am a big fan of any great idea that gets generated over drinks with a friend and that is what this article entails.  More specifically the article is about Jorge Gomez was to use drones instead of helicopters to calibrate airport runway lights.  They use Surface 2-in-1s, Microsoft’s Azure cloud and drones that are carry sensors.  Jorge and his friends have set the bar high, but when you are having drinks with friends this weekend see what you come up with and send me your ideas. 

  • Finding ways to compensate employees for improving in an area can be a challenging practice and sometimes it can even backfire and not yield the results that were intended.  An amazing example of that played out in the NBA in the final week of the regular season where Portland TrialBlazers forward Maurice Harkless did not take a single three-pointer in his final three games.  Why? Because entering that final stretch he was shooting 35.1% from three-point range on the season and he would earn a $500,000 bonus if he shot over 35%.  Can you imagine if he caught the ball in the corner with his team down three points with seconds to go and he instead drove to the hoop rather than risk his bonus? Check out the article here. 

  • Cyber Advisors is hosting a Hack-A-Thon this morning and all are welcome.  The event is sponsored by our partners Kaspersky who will also be presenting ways to protect  your environment from ransomware. See even details here.

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