Katie McDonald 04/14/2017
1 Minutes

Twin Cities, MN – Cyber Advisors is proud to announce and welcome Keith Jesser as Solutions Architect.

Keith is coming on board to bolster Cyber Advisors’ EMC capabilities in terms of architecting, technical pre-sales support and design, and product installation/implementation. His area of focus is primary storage, with especially deep skillsets around Clariion-class storage platforms like the CX-series, NS-series, VNX, VNXe, and Unity arrays.  He will also be developing skillsets around Isilon and XtremIO.

Keith has exceptional skillsets around Host-to-storage connectivity, especially Fiber Channel and including iSCSI. He also has vast experience with Brocade and Cisco MDS FC storage networking products in all capacities. Keith is presently adding and developing skillsets for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (specifically VxRail and Nutanix).

Keith comes to Cyber Advisors after previous stints at Marco Technologies, and Datalink. He started in the IT field in 2006 at Midwave Corporation. Prior to that Keith was at Unisys, formerly Sperry Univac, for 27 years in mainframe system manufacturing. Following his time in system manufacturing, Keith moved on to the Engineering R&D team implementing and testing new hardware, firmware, and software on mainframes.

“We’ve come a long way from punch-cards, open-reel tapes, vacuum tubes, and “drum” storage!” – Keith Jesser

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