Microsoft, TikTok, and My Idea for a Secure Login
Joe Moline 08/10/2020
1 Minutes

Microsoft perhaps buying TikTok is all over the news currently.  I am by no means willing to weigh in on how politics has surrounded this potential transaction and I am probably not the one in our organization to discuss the security implications of having TikTok on your phone.  

However, I feel fully capable of discussing how ironic it is that the most productive enabling company in my work life is potentially buying the app on my phone that has contributed to some of my least productive minutes spent in my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy TikTok and enjoy being unproductive at times for that matter.  

First off, we are a Microsoft partner and we value our relationship a great deal.  That aside, I can’t speak highly enough about the impact the different productivity tools Microsoft has that made such a huge impact in my life and career.  Since Covid 19 changed our modern working experience I also have been blown away by how well Microsoft Teams has worked to keep our company, clients and vendors tightly aligned. Microsoft Teams has allowed companies to stay productive in what could have otherwise been a very damaging and unproductive time as companies moved to 100% remote work situations. 

Then enter the most popular and addictive app TikTok and just like that any sense of productivity is out the door.  Whether you are a content provider and scripting your next attempt at hilarity or perfecting the many viral dances out there, my guess is you wouldn’t get many people making the argument that the app aids in their productivity.  It is however highly entertaining and so user friendly that an hour can pass as you watch, swipe, laugh and share the day away. 

So, is this a match made in technology heaven?  I don’t know.  Microsoft is perhaps seen as an “old-school” technology company and maybe this next generation of workers will get introduced to spreadsheets and PowerPoint by Jason Derulo.  But, perhaps the ultimate alignment and marriage can be through security and your Microsoft login experience. What if everyone had to log into their work machines each day by hitting the woah and Microsoft/TikTok recognized your unique take on this dance fad? 

If you don't know the woah, you don't have teenagers and haven't been around one in nine months.  

Checkout this video for Reese Witherspoon teaching Jimmy Fallon the woah. 

On a more serious note, Here is a video of Bloomberg's Emily Chang discussing the deal with Bill gates. 


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