Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 13
Joe Moline 04/28/2017
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For millions of NFL fans this weekend marks the most important weekend in the NFL calendar year.  The Super Bowl weekend only involves two teams whereas during the weekend of the NFL draft every team is involved and every team has the same record.  Sure, some teams are making bigger splashes than others, but there is no question the NFL cherishes just how important the draft and all of its sideshows have become big business. 

  • The San Diego Untion-Tribune columnist Nick Canepa has a column about it being big business, but a dirty business.  Read article here
  • Draft night in the NFL creates instant millionaires. According to this article in the Sporting News the draft will bring in $1 billion in new contracts signed in the next few months.  Sliding one way or the other up and down the draft can be the difference in ridiculous sums of money and money that might not be able to be recouped if the slide is negative.  Check out the article for some of the staggering numbers. iStock-186434935.jpg

  • An interesting component that teams use to help gauge your intelligence is the Wonderlic Test.  This link here is not the actual Wonderlic test but it’s a sample where you can take and see your football IQ. 

  • On Monday, we turn our calendars to May. In my neighborhood kids like to run around and rich door bells leaving May Day baskets on each other’s porches. As much as I don't want my children to know, I didn't care about history in school but now do as an adult.  So, reading this article was a good refresher for the history of May Day, as it plays a pretty big impact on how we spend Monday through Friday.

  • If you’re like me, you enjoy listening to music that makes you happy on Fridays. I stumbled into a couple ones that do just that for me recently.  I decided not to keep the happiness to myself and share.  If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran or have ever been to Ireland you will like this one. Here’s another song of his that is a bit catchy as well. 

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