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Joe Moline 01/20/2017
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iStock-146815412.jpg   Welcome to Joe's Breakfast Links where I share a handful of my favorite articles, blogs and clips from the past week. 

One of the biggest business stories potentially of 2017 in Minnesota happened in the first couple of weeks of 2017. Richard Davis announced plans to step down as CEO of US Bank after more than 10 years at the top position. Davis not only guided the company through rough times of the great recession successfully, he’s been an incredible asset to Minnesota as a business leader and a difference maker for the state. As a sports fan I learned just how powerful his influence was in getting a new football stadium built for the Vikings and then led the charge in getting the Super Bowl back to Minneapolis in 2018. Check out this old Link to learn more about his leadership and determination which will hopefully live on in different ways post retirement.

One of my favorite TV and radio personalities is Dan Patrick.  With the transition from President to Obama to now president Trump happening this week, Patrick had White House press secretary Josh Earnest on his show Thursday. Patrick, in only the way he can, made the interview light and fun asking questions like if they’re going to have a kegger at the White House on the final night there. Check out interview at this Link.

Tis the season for new years resolutions and for many of that means trying to create new routines around health, fitness and work productivity.  Here is a Link that talks about workplace ergonomics and simple ways to improve all the above.

There were plenty of articles about the iPhone turning 10 this past week.  One of my favorites is at this Link and talks about the 53 things that have changed since the iPhone came to being. 

From some of the above material you may have gathered I am a sports junkie. Guilty.  I am also somewhat a crazy sports parent who looks forward to my son’s and daughters athletic activities each week maybe a little more than I should.  This Link has an interesting article called Tiger parenting in reference to Tiger Woods. It's about parents pushing their kids in sports and sports specialization and the risk of injury and burnout.  

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