Joe's Breakfast Links Pt 4
Joe Moline 02/17/2017
2 Minutes


  • Year after year I read articles that say the biggest challenges companies face are attracting and keeping the best talent. One of the significant elements of this challenge is to decipher who is putting on a good front during an interview and who is actually giving answers that will reflect their work habits and behavior six months from now when the honeymoon stage is over. Entrepreneur Mitchell Harper shares some ideas on how to identify an A player in this article on LinkedIn
  • Speaking of companies' difficulty finding talent, I would not be doing my job if I didn't state how good we are at locating and attracting the best IT talent. We share this skill and passion with our clients as well. To find out on how you can partner with us to find your next great hire, please check out our Talent section on our website. 
  • I am one of those people in the office that like a little background noise. My tastes tend to change as sometimes I listen to sports talk radio and other times I listen to news or financial news radio via streaming. However, I also like to break free from the "moment" and not listen to live shows. Like I'm sure many of you I have become a huge fan of podcasts. Today I'd like to highlight a company that is changing the podcast world and is definitely worth checking out. Gimlet Media was started by Alex Blumberg.  My two favorite shows are Reply All and Start UP. If you are really hard core I suggest you start from the beginning with both of those shows and you won't be disappointed.  
  • I came across an article on Forbes about Unilever CEO Paul Polman and instantly became a fan. If you don't know what Unilever is you likely have at least five of its products in your house today. Polman heads up a company had $58 Billion in sales and $5.7 Billion in net profit, however he is trying to change the world beyond his company and is disturbed by some troubling statistics. Check it out here 
  • With Valentine's Day now behind us and considering how prone I am to celebrating a more belated version with my wife, why not share a belated love related article? A beloved professor at my Alma Mater University of St. Thomas, John Buri, shared his ideas on how to keep a marriage strong recently with the Minnesota Monthly.  
  • And to continue to the idea of love, here is a quickie that I loved on a man who gets the importance of parenting and modeling to his children. I'm in no way a perfect dad but one thing I've learned in my 7.5 years on the job is my kids learn a lot more from what I do than what I say.  

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