Joe's Links: Google Storage and Autonomous Driving
Joe Moline 05/18/2021
2 Minutes

Many of you are likely iPhone owners, but do not sleep on this first article I am sharing, as it can benefit you as well. Google Photos has announced some changes to its allotment of free storage, which will force people who rely on Google to store their family videos, photos, and memories to think and be more proactive in the amount of data they are storing and uploading. A link to the article here explains that many Apple iPhone users do not realize that they too can benefit from Google’s commitment to 15GB of free storage for their customers.  Keeping up with how to properly and securely store family memories is turning out to be more challenging and requires a thoughtful approach to what works best for your family based on the type of phones that the family members use. 

You will die, your data on the other hand.... 

We have all probably had the experience of preparing for a funeral, anniversary party or wedding where the family gathers and digs through old photos and family albums. It is a uniquely pleasant experience, crowding around an album trying to recall where certain photos were taken and chuckling about how much little Susie looks like her aunt Debbie.

I had a thought when reading the article about our digital storage of family photos and realized our kids will never have that experience of looking at the old photo books. Memories are collected differently now. Then I began to have questions like, will weddings and funerals 20 years from now just be a slide show of people's past social media posts?  Will funeral homes find a new service which involves erasing embarrassing selfies and scrubbing the internet clean of the deceased digital footprint?  For the question on what happens to your data when you die, read this blog.

Having your dad be a CEO of a major technology company would have its perks, right? The last link I want to share this week is an article I read in a magazine this past week about the progress being made by autonomous vehicles. This article explains which types of vehicles will likely be first and most prevalent use of autonomous vehicles in the coming years. However, the part that I found humorous is that one of the biggest leaders in the industry, Chris Urmson CEO of Uber’s ATG, has a 17-year-old son who does not yet have his driver’s license. Can you imagine? Your dad’s job and ultimate passion is to find ways for computers to drive us around and your childhood and freedom suffer as a result. The poor kid can’t get his dad to help him get his license and the freedom that comes with it because he’s too busy trying to ensure driverless cars are more dependable than teenagers.