Report moves Dell past IBM and NetApp
Dan Sanderson 11/16/2015
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Last week was a fun week for us at Cyber Advisors.  We secured additional Dell storage expansion business with many of our customers.  Also, we held our winter 2015 Dell Compellent/SCXXXX Series user group here in Minneapolis.  The response from those that attended was very positive.

The Evolution of Dell Storage in Minnesota and Cyber Advisors' Journey

At Cyber Advisors, we love reminiscing about the old days as much as we're excited about the future. Last week added a new, golden chapter to our journey. Not only did we secure additional business for Dell storage expansion with numerous clients, but we also hosted our winter 2015 Dell Compellent/SCXXXX Series user group in the vibrant city of Minneapolis. The positive feedback was overwhelming, and our spirits soared high.

The landscape of Dell storage in Minnesota has seen significant evolution over the years. As a business rooted in Minnesota, we've witnessed firsthand the transformation that Dell storage solutions have brought about in various sectors. From small businesses to large enterprises, Dell's adaptive storage systems have provided scalability, flexibility, and efficiency.

Minnesota's Growing Reliance on Dell Storage

Minnesota, known for its diverse economy and robust business environment, demands top-notch tech solutions. Dell storage systems, with their impeccable integration capabilities and robustness, fit the bill perfectly. Over time, the phrase "Dell storage Minnesota" has become synonymous with trust and reliability in storage solutions.

Several of our customers voiced their satisfaction during the user group meet. One statement that stood out was the noticeable evolution of Dell storage. The sentiment echoed was, "Dell storage has undergone a massive transformation. The features and benefits they offer now, especially in Minnesota, are incomparable to what was available just a few years ago." Such feedback solidifies our belief in Dell as our chosen technology partner.

Another long-term user gleefully shared their experience with the Compellent system. Purchased 8 years ago, it continues to provide them with enduring financial benefits. The absence of recurring license costs due to Compellent's perpetual licenses has been a game-changer. The roadmap Dell offers, outlining their visionary future plans, cements our customers' trust and ensures they stay committed to Dell storage solutions. It’s thrilling to know that our guidance and recommendations have added real value to our clients.

Dell's Rise in the Storage Domain

Just a fortnight ago, Gartner released its 2015 Magic Quadrant for general-purpose arrays. The results? A testament to Dell's prowess in the domain. Dell has impressively overtaken giants like IBM and NetApp, establishing its position as a frontrunner. Being associated with a leader like Dell makes our partnership all the more rewarding.

The success of "Dell storage Minnesota" can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Innovation: Dell's relentless pursuit of innovation ensures they remain ahead of the curve, offering state-of-the-art storage solutions.
  2. Scalability: Catering to both burgeoning startups and established conglomerates in Minnesota, Dell's storage solutions scale according to the needs of the business.
  3. Reliability: With minimal downtimes and efficient backup solutions, Dell has become the go-to for many businesses in the state.
  4. Local Support: Dell's strong presence in Minnesota ensures clients get timely support and assistance whenever needed.

In Conclusion: Celebrating the Partnership

As we reminisce about our journey, the milestones achieved with our clients, and our strong partnership with Dell, we feel a sense of pride. Being an integral part of the "Dell storage Minnesota" narrative, we're not just providing storage solutions. We're co-creating success stories, nurturing long-lasting relationships, and paving the way for a technologically advanced Minnesota.

The future holds immense promise. As Dell continues to push the boundaries in the storage space, we, at Cyber Advisors, are eager to propel our clients to newer heights. Here’s to many more years of a thriving partnership and the continued success of Dell storage in Minnesota!

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