Cyber Center: Cyber Advisors Dispatch Services & Technical Academy
Kate Drankoff 07/22/2021
1 Minutes

Joe Moline is joined by Brandon Kuehn, the Cyber Advisors Project Coordinator. Cyber Advisors is headquartered in Maple Grove, MN and proudly serves clients all over the United States, many who have locations across serval states. Our dispatch capabilities enable clients to rely on a superior quality of service no matter where they are located. With a network of trusted techs, Cyber Advisors is able to reelevate stress from clients, oversee services and provide technical expertise no matter where the job is located.

Brandon Kuehn also played a critical role in starting the Cyber Advisors Technical Academy (CATA). Using resources in-house, our team has produced short classes and seminars accessible to everyone in the company. We are building up our database on the sessions and strategically working to increase our knowledge areas and produce speakers and sessions that help keep our team current in the technical field.


Watch video: Cyber Advisors Dispatch Services & Technical Academy 

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