Hoax Email Blast Abused Poor Coding in FBI Website
Kate Drankoff 11/16/2021

This is another reminder that all organizations, even the FBI, are susceptible to breaches... 

It is all over the security news. Even CNN on Sunday released an article with the headline, "Fake FBI emails about a sophisticated attack are part of 'ongoing situation,' agency says". According to CNN via the Spamhaus Project, "at least 100,000 inboxes" have been hit with ominous looking emails trying to elicit an unknown response. At first glance it looks like a character assassination against a "threat actor" named in the email. For the rest of us it should be a (crazy) reminder that Tis the Season for online scams. It is also a great reminder that none of us are outside the reach of real threat actors.

Check out the detailed discussion on Brian Krebs blog here.

FBI faux

The photo above is a screenshot from the FBI’s email system provided by Spamhaus.org.