Cyber Links 12/2/2022
Lillian Walker 12/02/2022
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Cyber Advisors is fortunate to have such tremendous partnerships with world-class technology leaders.  Each week we want to share some of the top articles or videos from our partners and peers. To help keep our clients engaged and informed.

Fortinet - Risk of Online shopping

The holiday season is upon us! Fortinet has compiled the top risk to you and your information on eCommerce sites, and ways to help mitigate them.   As an avid online shopper myself this was a wonderful resource to help keep my security at the forefront of my mind.

ESET - How to save energy with so many devices in your home

As the weather finally decided to settle into the brutal cold of winter here in MN. The thermostat has to go up, and the bills will follow. ESET has a variety of tips that can help save you energy and money with your home devices. I was surprised how “Vampire Power” can add 5%-10% to a monthly energy bill!

Arctic Wolf - The Real Causes of the Rapid Cyber Insurance Rate Increase

On the business front, Cyber insurance is a must-have in today's landscape. The average ransomware attack costs about $4.3 million, and over 80% of companies will be the victims of a targeted attack. What was once as simple as checking boxes has evolved into detailed audits to get coverage. Rates are on the rise and Arctic Wolf breaks down multiple factors that are at play in this increase and what brokers are asking of their clients.

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