Cyber Links 12-22-22
Lillian Walker 12/22/2022
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Cyber Links 12-22-22


Cyber Advisors is fortunate to have such tremendous partnerships with world-class technology leaders. Each week we want to share some of the top articles or videos from our partners and peers. To help keep our clients engaged and informed.

Wired - Hands On With Flipper Zero, the Hacker Tool Blowing Up on TikTok

The interesting “consumer Pen-Testing Tool” blew up on TikTok recently and is raising concerns. The Flipper Zero is a powerful tool but when in the wrong hands it can be a huge risk for your company. So much of our data is being broadcasted into the world without our knowledge. Wired took a hands-on look at what this gadget can do and see!


TechCrunch - Even the FBI says you should use an ad blocker

While most of you holiday, shopping is probably over. This is a great reminder of the little ways you can update and increase your own internet security. “The FBI said that cybercriminals are buying ads to impersonate legitimate brands, like cryptocurrency exchanges.” This article contains fantastic recommendations for the top adblockers on the internet. Give yourself the gift of security this new year.

Fortinet - Your Holiday Guide to Safe Cybershopping

Speaking of ways to up your personal security. Our friends at Fortinet created a great checklist of ways to ensure safe cyber shopping! One of the biggest changes that I have made personally since working in the tech industry is adding a VPN to all my accounts. While it does take more time to log in that extra 15 seconds is worth it for the peace of mind it gives me.

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