Beep Beep....We're Moving!
Dan Sanderson 01/11/2016
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2016 will be a big year for Cyber Advisors.  As much as I understand that you never know what the future will bring, I have never been more confident of the direction that we are moving.  We've dubbed 2016 the "Year of Coming Together" for our business.

The big news this week is that we have officially signed a lease on a new headquarters in Maple Grove.  Over the last few years, we have grown significant  enough to where we continue to mature out of our current 3 offices that we utilize in Maple Grove and Bloomington.  We simply couldn't get a multiple  year lease to match our growth rate, therefore we ended up leasing additional separate offices to house our proud talent. While growth is good, this "multiple office" growth was also slightly painful.  Separate offices (even though fairly close to each other) can interfere with the goals that we have for collaboration, teamwork, and inter-company alliance that we strive to improve upon every day.  This new office space is much larger than all of our 3 offices combined, and will allow us to come together as one family - knowing that taking care of our customers and our families comes first.

The good news is that there are some really great real estate people out there - and we found them.   Our new location is on the 694/169 corridor.  An address is soon to come and we will make sure everyone knows where we are at. Also, please stay tuned for an open house invitation - probably in the April time frame.

Speaking of "open", that is what our new location is all about.  We want customers and partners to enjoy our new space as much as we will.  Our design of the new space is very "open" with meeting spaces, lounge areas, game rooms, and even at 50 person training room.  We will have very few closed offices.  Swing by and have a drink in our coffee bar area.  Say hello to Shane our CEO.  Or better yet, come take a look or run a proof of concept at our technology solution center that we are building. (More to come on this :-))

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