Come Join Us at the Midwest Management Summit 2016
Katie McDonald 02/10/2016
1 Minutes
Come join Cyber Advisors at this year's MMS!
The extremely low early bird rate blows all other conferences away by a mile so register now.
Cyber Advisors employee, Caleb Lund & Paul Wetter, will be speaking at the event on May 17th. Caleb has 15 years of experience in IT with the last ten focusing on system management. He currently is a Senior Project Engineer with Cyber Advisors Inc. located in Minnesota. Caleb works with clients to implement ConfigMgr and creates processes around patch management, OSD and MDM. Working with states and local government agencies has made application deployment one of Caleb’s proficiencies.
Paul has over 10 years of experience in the systems management workspace. Much of that time has been spent automating installations of applications and OSD for medium and large companies. Paul has also spent time completing numerous SCCM 2012R2 deployments. He is an avid scripter and loves to punch out a good PowerShell script for automating anything whenever possible.
MMS 2016 info is available at
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See you in May! 


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