Marc Carlson 05/18/2017
2 Minutes

I wanted to share an opportunity that came across my desk a little while ago from one of my co-workers. 

Cyber Advisors was working on an infrastructure engagement with a local call center. During this engagement, the client shared that they had been struggling to fill a desk-side support position with some funky hours. Resumes were coming in, but they couldn’t find the right fit for what they were looking for. The candidate either didn’t have the necessary technical skills, wanted too much money, or didn’t like the hours. Round and round they went trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

The Cyber Advisors account manager working on the deal took notice and made sure to get me involved. After a nice conversation with the HR Manager, I was able to explain how Cyber Advisors could help them fill that position and take that burden off their plate. I explained how we’ve been interviewing candidates for an internal service desk position and had quite a few that looked like they would be a good fit for their environment. I also told her that we’d make sure the candidate would be vetted technically by someone who actually knew IT. We would make sure that the person we deliver could come in and hit the ground running. 

I went to my bench and identified who I thought would be a great fit for what they were looking for. This person fit the profile in terms of required hours, expected compensation, and necessary skill-set. He looked like a perfect match!

After bringing in the candidate to go over some interview prep and explain the environment, I sent over his resume over to the client for review. They agreed to meet with him, and the interview was scheduled immediately. The interview went great, and an offer was made to bring him on board and get started. 

It feels pretty good to be able to know that I helped out a client who had been struggling for 2-3 months to fill this important role. I know from past experiences that trying to fill holes in your roster can be exhausting and time consuming. 

The candidate who was hired was also thrilled to get this new and exciting career opportunity.  It was pretty cool to get an email like this after he had been there awhile…”Hello Marc. Its week 2 of my new job and I just wanted to stress to you how much I'm loving it. I cannot thank you enough. Hope your day is going well.

Win-Wins really are nice!

So if you’re a hiring manager looking to get some IT help, shoot me an email and let me know what you need help with and let’s see if there’s a fit.

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