LinkedIn Breach

On April 6th, 2021, a reported 500+ million LinkedIn accounts were leaked online. The accounts include email addresses, phone numbers, and links to other social media profiles. Information found in LinkedIn can be used to build a profile for their future victims. With LinkedIn’s recent breach, and the other recent social media (e.g., Facebook 533 million profiles) breaches, it is important to utilize a unique password for each site you visit in order to minimize your complete data from being exposed in the dark web.

We recommend that EVERYONE change their LinkedIn password as soon as possible and consider adding MFA using Microsoft Authenticator.  You can access that by selecting the “Me | Settings & Privacy | Sign in & security | Change password” dialog, as well as the “Two-step verification” dialog below that.  Even if you use MFA, you can still “register” your favorite devices so you don’t have to constantly login and authenticate.

LinkedIn data leak -2

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