Joe Moline 08/25/2017
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Easily one of my favorite days of work each year is our annual customer appreciation event, which we hold at Rush Creek Golf Club.  For 11 years now we have used this as an opportunity to thank our loyal customers.  A customer appreciation golf event allows us to spend more than the usual time with our clients while enjoying fun day at an outstanding venue like Rush Creek.  We receive fantastic feedback from our clients and they look forward to the event each year.

Businesses struggle to know on the type or size of a customer appreciation event.  And to gather a solid ROI indicator can be difficult when an event is for current customers.  How does one know if the clients are retained or spend more with you if because of your events? This article has solid advice for ensuring a successful client appreciation event.  One part of the article I do agree with is for this sincerely to be an appreciation event, you must turn off the sales pitch.  Allowing your customers to see what type of culture you have is sometimes your greatest sales tool. 

Depending on who you are golf can mean a lot of things.  For some it is a very fun and challenging way to stay active and for others it is a waste of time and money.  One thing is certain, the businesses world embraces golf for corporate events, charity events and even one-on-one client interaction.  This article gives five reasons why golf is great for business. 

One of the wonderful things for the casual golfer is that corporate events are often in the form of a scramble.  There is no question that having someone hit the ball a mile off the tee is great for a scramble.  This article here humorously looks at the makings of a great scramble.  My biggest advice is to find the right hitting order.  You need someone who can lead off and put something in play and you need a cleanup hitter who can sink the six-foot bender that the previous three just ran by the cup.  And when all else fails, just have someone who excels at ordering drinks from the beer cart.

Finally, I just wanted to throw a shout out to Rush Creek in Maple Grove that consistently provides the best location to treat our customers to a day of hospitality and golf.  Whether it’s a party, wedding, or corporate meeting or event, check out this link.

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