Joe Moline 05/26/2017
2 Minutes

This week Minnesota’s biggest news source The Star Tribune celebrated its 150 year anniversary.  That is truly quite an accomplishment and our region and its people are better for the great reporting and journalism it has brought over the years.  Whether it will continue to sustain itself and provide the great coverage we are accustomed to in the ever-growing digital age is an ongoing challenge but so far it appears to have done better than some of its peers across the country. 

With a busy life that involves kids’ activities and work always at my fingertips combined with the fact that you can receive breaking news at any time through dozens of mediums, sitting down and reading the newspaper is a far off fantasy. However, Star Tribune still products some of my must-reads like the business section, Michael Russo’s rants and I love the weekend paper during the football season with its high school football coverage. Here is a link to an article about when the paper first started 150 years ago and what life was like in Minnesota at that time.

  • There is no doubt that my childhood was filled with sports and activities which include most vivid memories from growing up. But my childhood was also filled with life-long friendships, overcoming challenges, teamwork, crushing defeats and thrilling victories. I saw this article being shared on LinkedIn this past week and wanted to share here too. It’s a dad defending the money he pays for his kids to be involved in so many sports. 

  • One of the most dominating athletes in the modern area is Serena Williams. Her tennis accomplishments are incredible and there has never been a player like her.  She has taken her tennis prominence and launched several successful business ventures now as well. It was announced this week that she will now be joining the SurveyMonkey board.  Here is an article on that announcement. 

  • This week I attended a technology learning session put on by Broadline Solutions and one of the more interesting segments of the day was a discussion surrounding the Dark web.  We have devoted a lot of time recently on our blogs about the many security risks facing companies, but here is another article I suggest reading about the dark web.  The blog from Pinkerton serves as a nice overview on the Dark web. It’s a scary world out there folks.

  • Finally, it’s a good time to remember why we have a three-day weekend this weekend and as more than just a kickoff to summer. Memorial Day became an official government holiday in 1971 to honor the men and women who have died serving our country. My father is buried at Fort Snelling cemetery and on the first Memorial Day following his passing I attended the Memorial Day event at Fort Snelling cemetery and it was a very touching and emotional event. On that day I became even more thankful for the men and women who voluntarily choose to keep our country safe. If your calendar is still open and you would like a little piece of history here is the schedule to the events at Fort Snelling and here is an article covering the events as well as schedule at the cemetery. You will leave these events feeling as grateful and patriotic as ever.

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