Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 9
Katie McDonald 03/24/2017
2 Minutes
  • Are you more likely to have left home without your phone or wallet/purse?  Seeing as we are much more
     connected to our phones than anything else, I think I know the answer. Apparently, so does Wells Fargo, who announced that they are upgrading all of their ATMs next week to allow customers the ability to withdraw money using their phones and the Wells Fargo application.   Once my kids hear about this I will never be able to use the excuse I left my wallet at home when they want me to buy something.  Read more hereiStock-146815412.jpg
  • In rather large technology and privacy news the senate voted to eliminate broadband privacy rules which make our ISP providers at least ask our permission to sell our web browsing history and other private information.  I am far from a policy or privacy wonk, but I would like to ask them if they are able to sell my browsing history for a profit, is there any way that can help lower my bill?  Article here.
  • It’s spring break season and my family is not going anywhere, but we did take a trip a month ago, and made our first leap into the magical world of Disney on a cruise.  I had a lot of tips and recommendations from people prior to our trip and now I see why they felt as positively as they did.  Even though I left work behind I kept thinking about just how impressive it is that they have such a large work force that is so strongly committed to taking care of their customers and making it an unbelievable experience.  Business leaders will be studying the Disney model for decades to come.  Here is an interesting article featuring Lee Cockerell, a former executive leader at Disney.  My favorite quote from the Fast Company article is “When you think about it, the customer doesn’t come first–great leaders come first. You can’t have a great company without great leadership. They create the right environment and the kind of culture where people are able to do more than they think they can.”
  • Star Tribune had fun with it being March Madness and created the Ultimate Minnesota Beer Bracket: Ale-ite Eight.  Take a look and cast your vote here.   But first make a trip to the store and be sure to sample each one so your vote is a well-educated one.
  • Who doesn’t love a good buzzer beater? This one is one of the best and it helped Champlin Park win in the state quarterfinals.  The Rebels won last night as well and will play for the state championship Saturday.  Check out here how they got to the semifinals

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