Joe Moline 02/24/2017
2 Minutes


  • You got to your desk this Friday morning to open up my breakfast links (just like you start every Friday, right?) only to see that just like every headline, I am writing about the weather. Well not quite, but I did decide to share something about why we has humans use the weather to guide our small talk. It really shouldn’t come as any surprise, but the reason for this is that’s generally a safe topic that has some sort of effect on everyone. Not everyone cares about the big game last night and perhaps more today than ever, almost any other topic can be politicized in a way where you are either with us or against us. There are quite a few topics that are quite simply, just not that safe unless you know which “team” everyone is on.  So here is the link on on why we talk about the weather. 
  • I joined the masses a couple of months ago and have a watch that tracks steps, heart rate and sleep patterns. The data it gives you each day is great, but it hasn’t been that reassuring to my wife that she gets sometimes more than two hours of sleep than I do, but we get the same amount of deep sleep. So, she often asks how much deep sleep is needed per night and of course she wants a simple answer. But as I found out in this article, it’s like asking "what is the ideal shoe size to wear?" Well, that depends on the size of your foot.  So, how much deep sleep is needed per night? It depends on how much you need. Huh? The article does a much better job of talking about sleep and offering suggestions to maximize your rest.
  • I attended a roundtable discussion among IT professionals this week and among their chief concerns was the growing regularity and sophistication of phishing attacks on their users.  The best way to combat these attacks is the training you provide for your employees. Cyber Advisors can help provide a solution to these problems facing organizations big and small. To see what we are doing for our clients to help prevent these attacks use this link to get in contact with us.
  • A once political hot topic in town was the funding of US Bank Stadium, but now that it’s been completed that topic seems less controversial. One important element was to put a roof on the stadium so it can be used year around by more than just football teams. Now getting into a Vikings game has its challenges starting first with the costs. So, starting this weekend the stadium has been converted into a baseball stadium and it’s a great opportunity to not spend as much money as a Vikings game and still get to go see the stadium.  The Star Tribune has a great article on how the stadium prepared for baseball games and also the list of games this weekend.

  • Most of our best life lessons come from making mistakes. Fortunately, our mistakes aren’t typically shared for eternity on YouTube and sports blogs across the web.  Northwestern University’s Ashley Deary decided to tie her shoes while bringing the ball up the court and now has become an internet sensation.  Check it out here.


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