Joe Moline 05/12/2017
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With my breakfast links coming out later today than usual, let it be a reminder not that I got buried in other work yesterday and this morning, but that breakfast is delicious at all parts of the day. Or I could be clever and state that in honor of Mother’s Day brunches this is actually a brunch links blog rather than breakfast.  Moving on….

As mentioned it is Mother’s Day this weekend, so to all the mothers out there, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.  There are not many more important and challenging jobs than being a mother, so I do salute you and hope you have a great weekend. 

Mother’s Day is big business across our country with the average person spending $186 between gifts and brunches.  This article has some interesting stats about what people spend or do for their moms but one percentage I find interesting is 30% said mom expects a shout out on social media.

According to this infographic article 67% of moms receive flowers and 34% receive jewelry.  Mother’s Day is the 3rd largest retail holiday in the United States yet only 47% of moms say that dad should be them a gift. Either half the men in our country think our wives are lying or the guilt is just too strong. 

I always thought it was crazy when I was younger that Mother’s Day fell on the same weekend as the walleye fishing opener in Minnesota.  As I have grown wiser I realize that some women would just rather than their husbands gone fishing than around on Mother’s Day.  Maybe those men contribute to the surprising jewelry percentage mentioned in the previous paragraph.

 According to this article fishing generates $4.2 Billion in economic activity in Minnesota.  This article is from a few years ago, but a top ten list to having a successful walleye fishing trip.

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