Joe Moline 06/02/2017
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It's really funny how the world changes and what was once considered a negative word or connotation becomes a positive one.  One of the big buzz words in technology in business the past couple of years is 'Disruptive'.  New business ideas or technologies that are going to shake up the industry and enrich investors are viewed more positively the more disruptive they are.  

A few years ago as my wife and I dug through piles of items my parents kept for me as a child including birthday cards, participation ribbons and baby books, we came across what interested my wife, a teacher, the most.  It was every report card I ever received. I only wish that the word disruptive was treated so favorably then.  I probably could have avoided some painful lectures and groundings when my elementary school teachers cited how disruptive I was in class.  I was a little too vocal for my teacher's liking and school was simply a place I went every day to socialize with my friends.  

I had some great teachers and I am sure I had some duds, but I do want to apologize to all the teachers out there on behalf of all the overly social kids who do discrupt the learning of others.

  •  Due to our wide access to internet and information there are so many tools we now have at our fingertips to help learn and deal with different behaviors from students and our children. I can't imagine my mom reading articles like this or the hundreds of books Amazon could have at her doorstep tomorrow as she grew concerned on the feedback she was receiving from my teachers.  

  • Back to business; and why Disruptive technology is all the rage.  Check out this article on what is Disruptive innovation and why is it important. The popular website TechCrunch even holds converences across the globe called simply TechCrunch Disrupt.  

  • I think one of most fascinating things going on in business is watching long-lasting legacy companies and their ability to adapt and change to all the disruption out there. No doubt, Amazon has been one of the most disruptive companies ever to exist.  Just ask Barnes and Noble. Now they have every retailer, media content company and technology company adjusting to all that disruption.  Check out this article in the Washington Post on one way Walmart is responding.  That's right, they are having employees deliver packages to customers on their way home from work.

  • Business leaders have the challenging task of guiding their company in the right direction in the wake of all the disruption that exists in the marketplace.  They have to find ways to innovate to create better products and services while also being aware of disruptive forces moving in on their customers.  I found this INC article a nice quick read on how business leaders can use disruption as a time to improve their company.  I especially like tip # 4 in creating a burning platform to rally around. 

  • Finally, it would not be a breakfast links with a litlte sports. While the NBA Finals tipped off this week our hometown team made news more from a business sense with owner Glen Taylor buying and rebranding the Development Leage team in Iowa which will now be known as the Iowa Wolves.  Star Tribune has the article here



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