Joe's Breakfast Links Pt. 11
Joe Moline 04/07/2017
1 Minutes
  • For as long as business has existed, business owners have had plenty of things to worry about and lose iStock-146815412-1.jpgsleep over.  Now more than ever, protecting their company from malicious internet attacks from the outside has moved to the top of the list of worries. Our CEO Shane Vinup was interviewed recently in an article featured in Minnesota Business Magazine about Protecting against IP theft online.  Read the article here.

  • One company we have partnered with to help companies protect against exposure to such malicious attacks is KnowBe4.  Not only has this company helped train other organizations to better protect themselves, they have done it while creating a fun and dynamic workplace.  This article in the Tampa Bay Times congratulates the company for being ranked No.1 among medium sized companies in a Top workplace survey.

  • As companies evolve to better meet the growing demand by its workforce to offer flexible hours and remote working conditions, some companies are finding a link between remote work and higher engagement.  No doubt, an incredible amount of technology has been developed to make working remotely more accessible and successful.  As for the younger workforce this working remotely has actually become more of an expectation than a perk.  Read the article from Forbes here.

  • On the long list of things I wish I had more time to do is reading.  I try to carve out time each day to keep up with the news of the day and business trends and typically am chipping away at one non-fiction book.  But I do not make time for fiction and actually can’t recall the last fiction book I read.  This article from Fast Company discusses ways reading fiction makes you better at your job.

  • Companies across the country have closed the door one brook and mortar locations under pressure from online sales, but I was surprised to read this article from Twin Cities Business about Select Comfort opening up more stores nationally as it reported a growth in sales. 

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