Hit the Links - 2022 Olympics and Technology
Joe Moline 02/11/2022
1 Minutes

Having the 2022 Winter Olympics on the other side of the world in China brings both the good and bad for me personally in terms of time zones. It makes it very difficult to follow the games while sleeping however, on those rare insomniac nights I have something more interesting to watch than a testosterone enhancing infomercial.

Capture 2-1

For the actual athletes and media covering the Olympics, China has brought a variety of rapid technology advancements as well as technology risks.  Check out this video on the security and privacy concerns facing visitors to the Olympics. HIT THE LINK

Robotics has played a major role in helping replace humans to better allow for social distancing.  This includes your food order being carefully dropped from the ceiling at restaurants in the Olympic village! Watch the video HIT THE LINK

Alibaba has a Cloud ME booth that is available in the Olympic Village to allow guests to have real live video conversations with their full bodies on display to simulate standing in the same room.  HIT THE LINK

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