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Dan Sanderson 11/11/2016
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Today, let's pretend I am an IT Manager at one of my clients.  As an IT manager at XYZ Company, I am responsible for making sure day to day datacenter operations are on par.  If it goes down, I am ultimately responsible. My job is risky, as my recommendations on technology solutions and partners I work with are approved by the CIO or someone above me, but ultimately will fall back on me if I make a bad choice.  Many of these decisions are really mine to make, as long as the senior management approves and there is budget to do so.  I have a great trust relationship with senior management, as I have made very wise recommendations to my executive team.

Sound familiar?

If this "IT Manager" role sounds like your typical job responsibilities, read on. 

Many of our customers look to Cyber Advisors to assist with total package solutions.  Typically, these may be datacenter refreshes, migrations to and from systems/clouds, and turn-key implementations to keep datacenters humming.  

There is an interesting fact that we have found lately - When we are asked to propose a new solution, we get occasional feedback asking why there isn't some sort of cloud component to the solution. When senior management reviews our proposal, many times the question is asked "Where is the cloud in all of this?"   This may delay the project, as we may have to go back to the drawing board to make sure a cloud component or "option" is included in the proposal.  

Going forward, when working with Cyber Advisors, you may find our Account Executives and Solution Architects recommending some sort of cloud aspect in every solution.  For example, if you are looking at data protection, you will find that we have optional components for long term retention in the cloud. If you are looking at implementing a large data warehouse for analytics and unstructured data, we will more than likely include a cloud aspect that allows you to tier to the cloud.  The approach is optional of course, but our goal is to team up with our customers/IT Managers and get ahead of the game.  Allowing our customers to differenciate themselves from competing businesses is key for us.  Technology can give you this upper hand.

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