Giving Back to our Youth - Wayzata Schools Compass Program
Paul Beasley 06/09/2022
1 Minutes

Wayzata High School (Wayzata, MN) has a unique "Compass" program that students can apply to for specialized, profession-based learning opportunities. Their Cybersecurity and Applied Mathematics coursework gives students real-world experience and helps prepare them for careers in the cybersecurity and business fields. Cyber Advisors has partnered with this program for five years and hosts a Compass project team project annually. Our CISO, Paul Beasley, leads the assigned team through the project from start to finish.


This year, through a partnership with a local manufacturing company, the students participated in a security engagement that gave them direct experience with the following activities: vulnerability assessment, physical security examination, assumed breach testing, open-source intelligence review, and dark web review. Throughout the engagement, Paul assigned various data analytics assignments to the students to help them understand the threats that affect companies worldwide. After the data was dissected and reviewed internally, the students prepared the report and presented the findings directly to the client. The data provided enabled the client to make immediate actionable changes and plan for future security improvements.

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