Modern Approach to Business Continuity Planning
Dan Sanderson 06/17/2020
1 Minutes

Business Continuity Planning

It has been an interesting last few months. A common theme that we are seeing with our clients is that the Covid-19 pandemic has made business owners really scrutinize business continuity.  Some were caught without any pandemic plan.  Others had the plan, but it was outdated.  A select few had a good plan in place and are now on the recovery quicker than most other businesses.

We’re taking a modern approach to Business Continuity Planning. Our strategic businesses leaders and engineers have vetted out a solution to help our clients streamline their Business Continuity Planning. Plan4Continuity Business Continuity Planning is a dynamic Cloud based continuity planning solution that creates a new plan or converts manual and outdated business continuity processes into intelligent, automated workflows that can accelerate business continuity planning.

ACORN Dscribes the Plan4Continuity Solution in One Word:

  • Automation – Automates processes and plans at the click of a button
  • Communication – Integrated email and SMS text messaging abilities​
  • Orchestration – Control the workflow from a centralized console​
  • Report – Automated reports capturing each step of the process​
  • Neutralize – Neutralize the effects of human error​


Many business continuity processes are still conducted manually making them prone to human error. Converting manual and outdated BC processes to intelligent, automated workflows can accelerate BC planning. Plan4Continuity streamlines and automates business continuity processes into a single cloud-based application to foster a culture of resilience within the organization and so create an improved understanding of business continuity processes.


Plan4Continuity combines the 5 most important elements of continuity planning namely: people, assets, services, locations, and vendors/suppliers. It makes use of industry-leading methods to ensure BC planning is effortless and repeatable for every organization regardless of size or industry.


Streamline audit management and boost accountability. Plan4Continuity provides a comprehensive framework to oversee the entire audit lifecycle – create, store audit plans, and track audit history. Further, improve external audit readiness with an ISO 22301 aligned system.


Our reporting tool is built into the same platform where business continuity plans are developed, assessed and incidents managed. This allows you to leverage the data-rich content of the platform to provide real-time, easy to consume feedback. Plan4Continuity’s reports and dashboards are role-based to improve real-time decision-making.