Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) Highlights
Kate Drankoff 05/25/2021
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Verizon’s annual data breach investigation report (DBIR) released their report for 2021. A total of 29,207 quality incidents were reviewed, of which 5,258 were confirmed breaches.

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Highlights that everyone should be aware of are:

  • Social engineer leads the statics on attempts and successful attempts of the data breach. Phishing attacks increased by 11 percent and 85 percent of breaches involved a human element.
  • The financial impact of a data breach range from $826 to $650,587, with a median cost of $21,659.
  • Web applications remain a high target for threat actors, with an 80% breach among hacking vectors.
  • The three biggest industries affected by data breaches are Finance/Insurance, Healthcare, and Public Administrations. The most common flaws for these industries are:
    • Repeated credential and ransomware attacks
    • Human error
    • Social engineer

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We urge you to continue to be prompt with changing your passwords and be cautious with how you share your information.

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