Dell's new SC4020 Storage - Why such a big deal?
Dan Sanderson 09/21/2015
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When Dell announced the release of the new SC4020 storage line, we had some pretty excited customers. To say the least, they immediately saw the benefit of the solution.  It's "just right size" made a great fit for the medium size enterprise.

What is the secret sauce?  It's deep within the roots of Compellent mixed with the visionary development team at Dell to create the first array to utilize new TLC NAND SSDs in their array.  By allowing a 3rd dimension of capacity to an SSD drive, the dollar to GB spend is the lowest in the industry.  As it sits right now, the capacity price of the new TLC SSD drives is equal to a 15K spinning disk.  In the near future, we see this price falling to be equal to 7K drives.  We have already sold many SC4020 arrays with huge performance and capacity at under the 30K range. It really opens up the argument...why buy spinning disk anymore?




Enterprise storage features right from the start:

  • Expandable to 192 drives (24 internal and 168 external)
  • Total storage capacity of 500TB
  • Supports 15K, 10K, 7k, SSD Write Intensive, SSD Read Intensive in SLC, MLC, and TLC formats.
  • Drive types can be mixed in the same system
  • "Set it" and "forget it" data progression (Compellent Invented Data Tiering)
  • Replicate natively to another SC4020, or another SC8000
  • FC and iSCSI (1Gb and 10Gb) connectivity
  • Framed architecture allows for disk by disk expansion
  • High performance to fit your budget, including all flash
  • Compact storage footprint

Dell is very confident in their SC4020 line of storage.  So confident in fact, that they are willing to give you the best guarantee in the business.  Purchase an SC4020 and you have 60 days to return the product if it doesn't perform to your liking.  If you would like more information on this "Presidential Guarantee" on your next storage purchase, please click below to download the brochure:


Download Brochure


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