Dell SCv2000 makes for great low end storage
Dan Sanderson 08/25/2015
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Dell recently announced a new line of storage named the SCv2000.  We have found it a great fit for companies that are looking for high performance, scalability, and flexibility, but at a lower cost than the more robust SC4020 and SC8000 siblings.  


By limiting some software features of its bigger companions, this solution can be very appealing to companies that may not use features like Fast Track, Data Progression, and Charge Back.  But, don't underestimate the performance of the SCv2000....It compromises very little for the lower price.  

Available with the SCv2000 is integrated data protection - Remote Instant Replay, Local Instant Replays, and Replay Manager as an example.  Also to save capacity, RAID tiering will save you some significant space. Also it has tight integration with common applications such as Microsoft and VMware, so consistent snapshots can take place without loss of performance.  

Furthermore, the SCv2000 has future integration with Storage Center, to allow a single pane of glass to manage all SC series systems that you may have in your environment.

It is available in 3 different base units, and each can expand to different levels depending on your needs.  the SCv2000 has 12 internal 3.5" drives and can be expanded to 156 total drives utilizing disk shelves.  The SCv2020 has 24 internal drives and can expand to 168 total drives using external shelves.  The SCc2080 has 84 internal drives and you can add an additional 84 external drives to the system.  Drive types range from 7.2K large capacity drives, 10K economical drives, 15K performance drives to a variety of SSD options.  

Connectivity is very flexible allowing for 1Gb iSCSI, 10Gb iSCSI, 8Gb FC, or 16b FC.  For back end connectivity, each controller has (4) 12Gb SAS ports.

The SCv2000 series is an excellent candidate if you are looking for somthing with a little less demand in your environment.  It will support RAID levels 5, 6, 10, and 10 DM (dual mirror).

Please contact Cyber Advisors if you would like any more information.  

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