Dell Boomi - iPAAS for your Digital Transformation
Dan Sanderson 12/03/2019
1 Minutes

It is typical for businesses of today have their data and applications living in multiple locations among many clouds.  This multiple cloud strategy may include a significant amount of your applications living on premise as well.

Digital Transformation (the act in which we use DATA to transform our business) can become difficult or even disrupted because of the accessibility and locations of your applications and associated data. Therefore, a current area of high interest from our customers is looking at a strategy to integrate these data and applications to have better insight into your data and to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.  It is a major step in Digital Transformation.

The traditional way of integrating your applications/data together is to hire a developer(s) and start the process of creating integration strategies, workflows, and paths.  This is time consuming, expensive, and frankly very complex.

A different and less complex approach is to investigate Integration Platform as a Service solutions – or iPAAS.  Dell Boomi is an iPAAS that can be simply thought of as cloud “middleware” between your applications and data.  It doesn’t matter where your applications and data live...because Boomi is comfortable integrating into cloud native apps, cloud data protocols, and nearly any on premise database and application.

As an example:  Let’s say that you have an online form that captures data from a customer (or potential customer).  Would it be helpful if this online form automatically captured the data that you needed and replicated that data into your ERP, CRM, and outbound marketing system all at the same time?  Boomi can do this. 

Another example:  Do you struggle with the manual process of onboarding new employees?  Imagine a world where your new employee’s data is entered once (or even by them), and the HR applications sync directly to IT applications (Workday and Active Directory for instance) and onboarding happens automatically. 

Boomi is very powerful, having integrations into literally thousands of different data and application sets.  Give us a call if you are interested in learning more.

More case studies:

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