Data Breach and Hacking Scandal in Major League Baseball
Joe Moline 06/17/2015
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Cyber Advisors is entrusted to help protect client data and we partner with companies that have made great products to fight off the ever changing attacks that exist. So, the news of a new data breach always tends to grab my attention. But because I am such a huge sports fan, the latest news involving the alleged scandal involving the St. Louis Cardinals hacking into a competitor’s network to gain access to secretive documents truly caught my eye. 

As the FBI continues the investigation and the media has their “field” day covering the salacious scandal the breach really ought to serve as a reminder of just how easy these types of things can happen.  Unlike other recent breaches that have captured national headlines this one was not the work of government cyber spies or anyone that would even be considered a hacker.  This hack didn't require much skill, as it reportedly exploited weak password security and an executive who left the Cardinals for a job with the Astros.  This breach was one that seemingly could happen to any organization. 

It is definitely important to have the right products in place to protect your network and data. However, it is equally important to have the right processes in place and ensure that all employees are trained and comprehend these procedures.  Most security experts state that employees can be your biggest network security vulnerability.  I am certainly not a security expert (we have plenty of them though at Cyber Advisors). I do however fully appreciate that it takes an entire organization to plan an active role in securing your network and data. Furthermore, I believe that push must start at the top of the organizational chart and not just come from the IT Department. 

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