Katie McDonald 02/07/2017
1 Minutes

True Cybersecurity by Kaspersky Lab

2017 marks Kaspersky Lab’s sixth year as a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Consistently high performance is a hallmark of true leadership, and Kaspersky Lab’s success is built on True Cybersecurity: protecting the authenticity of your digital world using the latest technologies combined with the best of human expertise. True Cybersecurity means always moving forward, always working to stay one step ahead of the cyberthreats, wherever they are.


True Leadership

Leadership doesn’t rest on its laurels. Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders are selected for completeness of vision and ability to execute and deliver on that vision. It’s the kind of leadership and vision that means Kaspersky Lab customers can trust us to future-proof their security.
Backed by over two decades of true cybersecurity experience and expertise, Kaspersky Lab solutions and technologies protect more than 400 million users worldwide. We’re an independent company and that allows us to be more agile, think differently and act faster.
Find out why the Kaspersky Lab vision of True Cybersecurity keeps us in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant “Leader” segment.
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