Mobile Device Management & Security - Kaspersky
Darin Ringuette 06/01/2015
1 Minutes

All too often, companies invest significant funds toward IT-related security, yet allow their employees’ unsecured mobile phones and tablets (both company-issued and personal) to access data of varying sensitivity including e-mail, CRM, intranet, and in-house apps.  This creates huge risk potential which increases exponentially when, for example, an employee’s:

  •  iPhone is left at a local coffee shop
  •  Android tablet is stolen during a car break-in (this happened to us recently)
  •  Windows Mobile phone is infected with a virus
  •  iPad is borrowed by a child / teen at home

Another risk factor pops up when an employee leaves your company, or is terminated. Do you have a way to delete this data without wiping their entire personal device?

Call us to discuss a mobile device management & security strategy for your organization.  Our clients are having great success with Kaspersky Lab’s product line, which polices all mobile devices accessing sensitive company data without compromising employee privacy, and provides industry-leading malware protection for select platforms.

A small investment mitigates a great deal of liability with your organization’s finances and reputation, and it’s easier than you may think.  We look forward to discussing this together at your convenience!


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