Product Release: Dell Wyse vWorkspace 8.6

Posted by Katie McDonald on Jan 12, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Original post by Kelly Craig - Dell 

I am pleased to announce the release of Dell Wyse vWorkspace 8.6.

vWorkspace is Dell’s simple, flexible, high-performance desktop virtualization solution that provides secure remote access to Windows applications and desktops from Windows, Chrome, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux or any HTML5 capable web browser.

The release of version 8.6 brings with it significant improvements in usability and performance. See below for what has been added to this release:

Windows Connector simplification

The vWorkspace Connector for Windows has been simplified to address the needs of the average user. The user interface no longer contains advanced configuration options. The configuration is completed by the administrator from the vWorkspace Management Console. The user is connected to vWorkspace after simply entering an email address or website URL.

  Dell Solution Center


Internationalization and localization

vWorkspace is internationalized and localized. Internationalization is the process of designing a software application so that it can potentially be adapted to languages and regions without engineering changes. Localization is the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components and translating text.

Wyse vWorkspace currently supports the following languages: Chinese (simplified), Korean and Japanese

vWorkspace Chinese

Full Clone Hyper-V VHD

The Full Clone Hyper-V VHD feature allows for virtual machine provisioning using a single VHD instead of differencing disks. The following methods can be used to provision full VHD virtual machines:

Instantly provision with Hyper deploy

Use standard file copy


Chrome OS support 

The vWorkspace Connector for Chrome OS is a new connector, which is available for download from the Google store. It integrates with vWorkspace Web Access to provide a high-fidelity remote desktop experience for Chrome OS users. See the vWorkspace Connector for Chrome OS documentation and the vWorkspace Administration Guide for more information.

Chrome Store


WSM Installer

The new WSM role is integrated into the vWorkspace installer. WSM is available as an installable option in both the simple and advanced modes.

WSM layering

Wyse vWorkspace supports WSM application layering. This gives administrators the ability to assign application layers using vWorkspace advanced targeting. See WSM documentation for more information.

Email-based vWorkspace environment lookup

Auto-discovery and authentication of a vWorkspace configuration can be made based on the user’s email address. This makes it easy for users to access applications and data in the vWorkspace environment.

3rd-party virtual channel support

3rd party RDP extensions are now visible and selectable within the vWorkspace Connector for Windows user configuration settings. This setting can be accessed from Device Settings |More Devices |Other Installed Remote Desktop Extensions.

64-bit Windows Connector

A 64-bit Windows Connector has been created to allow better support for 3rd party virtual channels.

Drag and drop support in seamless windows

Users can now drag a file from a Windows Endpoint and drop it in a vWorkspace Seamless application. This facilitates applications that support drag and drop functionality.

Support for Hyper-V high availability

The High Availability feature allows for the creation of virtual machines on a hyper-v cluster. These virtual machines can be failed over to other servers in the hyper-v cluster.

Secure access service UDP performance improvement

Secure Access Service provides 25X scalability improvement for UDP-based connections over version 8.5. This allows customers leveraging UDP-based communication to provide secure access up to 10,000 vWorkspace sessions with a single instance of the service.

Monitoring and Diagnostics updates

Monitoring of Microsoft Remote Desktop Licensing Service infrastructure. RD Licensing is a critical component of any desktop virtualization deployment that uses Windows Server RD Session Host or RD Virtualization Host vGPU.

Monitoring of vWorkspace WSM infrastructure. WSM is responsible for Windows OS Streaming to diskless PCs or servers as well as application and persona layering.

The Dell Foglight Management Server has been updated to version 5.7.1.



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