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Dan Sanderson 05/02/2016
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About a year ago, Cyber Advisors went on a mission.  We had a dream to build a solution center in MN that would feature the latest technology that Dell Enterprise has to offer.  Ideally, we envisioned a place for Dell customers to use for executive briefings, proof of concepts, lab testing, pilots, and even classroom style training.  They could upload their VMs onto the latest and greatest Dell technology to test.  They could pilot new technologies like Hyperconverged infrastructure, software defined datacenters, and new era VDI technologies right on live equipment. 

Visually, we saw this as a beautiful new space with a glass enclosed datacenter surrounding 42U racks with cutting edge and screaming fast Dell systems, a training center, lab, individual conference rooms, a lounge, game room, and a “secure” badged entrance for customers and partners to enjoy.  We anticipated using the latest wireless AV equipment like Crestron (which NASA uses) to provide the best collaboration tools for visitors of our solution center. 


We are very fortunate to have ownership that is highly progressive, aggressive, and not “just talk”.  In anticipation that this solution center could turn into reality someday, our owners made the financial decision to build this “framework” at our new space.  

We are happy to report that this dream has become a reality.  Cyber Advisors has the first solution center in MN featuring Dell Enterprise and Security solutions – and it is housed in our new offices. Our plan is for Dell customers in the Upper-Midwest to flock to our offices to utilize it.  Imagine a place that you can come in for a solution briefing - and at the same time, put it to the test.  Utilizing one of our 3 dedicated conference rooms, feel free to camp out for a few days to put your proof of concept to real world equipment. Need help? Cyber Advisors has over 35 technical resources on staff that are very well versed in all Dell solutions.  

If you are interested utilizing our solution center, it is simply a phone call away.  Contact your Dell or Cyber account executive to book it now.

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