Humans of Cyber: Mark Blanco, Project Manager
Kate Drankoff 07/26/2021
1 Minutes

Mark Blanco joined the Cyber Advisors team as a Project Manager in March 2020, just days into the pandemic when work and life changed drastically. 


Mark worked hard to streamline many internal processes on the Project Team. His work has allowed the Project Team to be more efficient and create a better client experience. He also works closely with the Cyber Advisors Security Team where he has been an integral component to the growth and success of the department.

Outside of work Mark enjoys consuming a wide variety of media. “I watch a lot of TV and videos. I'm finally putting it to good use. I can work on small engines now. I will be starting to do some finished carpentry. I’m also working on my #saltbae salt toss with my cooking.” One of his first jobs in high school was for one of our client's. “I was a valet attendant at Lifetime Fitness in Eagan. I thought it was ironic to have valet services at a gym, but I was surprised to see people used the service. People didn't tip well either.”

mark blanco


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